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What can offer "Zavod Polimerdetal"?
      Our company has 20 years experience in production output of plastics products sanitary purpose sprayer for the garden, as well as household goods. Gained considerable experience of innovation, design and production.
     "Plant Polimerdetal" responsible for the quality of its products and is willing to provide certificates of quality and hygienic conclusions sanitary-epidemiological examination of products.
      "Factory Polimerdetal" offers a wide range of sanitary products under the brand name SoloPlast (DSTU B corresponding to GOST 23289-94 and V.2.5-9-97) siphons for basins with overflow and without overflow, for kitchen sinks, bath and shower, ladders, filling and drain valve for flushing cisterns, taps corrugated drain. Used material - heat-resistant, high-impact plastic; metal components - stainless steel or chrome-plated brass. Sanitary ware brand "SoloPlast" set of products of LLC "Cersanit Invest" Ltd "Dneprokeramika" Slavutsko combine "Budfarfor"; on these businesses, our factory supplies a wide range of seat and cover for toilets and valves for flushing cisterns.
      Our company also manufactures pneumatic and hydraulic sprayers (which meet all the requirements of DSTU 2274-93 and GOST 22999-93), as well as for watering the garden. We care about the safety and reliability of our products, each sprayer in a production environment is tested for durability and performance. If necessary, provide free warranty repair sprayers.
      As regards household goods, that with the release of this product, we strive to satisfy the most demanding consumers. Buckets, basins, cups, funnels, hangers - all made ​​from high quality food grade plastic in very rich colors.
      We work for you and will be glad to see you among our clients.